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A leader in educating extraordinary students.

十大正规网赌平台排名是一所独立的学校, 男女同校的寄宿/走读学校, 位于科德角, 麻萨诸塞州. Riverview is a leader in educating students with complex langu年龄 and learning challenges. We’re committed to helping each of our students gain academic, 社会, and 独立生活 skills to achieve their goals.


Riverview School is a community that values and celebrates diversity as essential to the experience of our students, 员工及社区. 我们拥抱并尊重差异, 包括但不限于:种族, 社会经济地位, 性别, 性取向, 宗教, 年龄, 文化遗产, 教育背景, 当然还有学习方式. As a community that aspires to reflect and prepare our students for the increasingly diverse world, Riverview supports and nurtures the whole child and their full identity.

Riverview School values each student as an individual and acknowledges the importance of students having a voice in the development of their goals, program, 和指令. 家庭同样发挥着至关重要的作用, particularly in supporting students who need assistance in expressing their needs, 欲望, 和偏好. Consistent with Riverview’s mission and whole person 哲学, the School is committed to offering interventions and identifying strengths that empower students to increase their skills in the core competencies of education, 社会/情感, 独立生活, 健康, 职业准备. The overall goal is for the Riverview’s graduates to possess the skills that will offer the highest degree of access to a fulfilling life. Riverview strives to individualize programming, to be sensitive to student and family wishes when possible, and to offer reasonable accommodations that coincide with its overall approach, 哲学, 和program. Riverview also recognizes its role in promoting acceptance and building awareness of the valuable contributions people with unique needs can make to the greater community.

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